The citizens of Svendborg will co-create health services of the future

In October 2017, the city of Svendborg, Denmark, became the world’s first user-oriented test city for healthservices, when eHealth City Svendborg was kicked off. In eHealth City Svendborg, citizens take the driver’s seat when health and social care services are to be developed.

In this project, the normal process is turned upside down. Instead of having the technology or the health sector defining the solutions up front, the citizens’ ideas will be the starting point and together with health and social care providers citizens will co-create tomorrow’s solutions.

People before technology
eHealth City Svendborg will develop and test new technological solutions, where there is an identified need. At the same time, already existing solutions will be transformed in the co-creation process with the citizens and users of the services.

The project will use technological solutions where it makes sense. But the citizens’ needs are more important than the technologies. “People before technology” is one of the project’s most important ambitions.

The project screens selected neighbourhoods in Svendborg and maps the citizens’ experiences and contacts to the healthcare sector. Subsequently, citizens, health and social care providers together with industry will select and pilot-test solutions, before these are being scaled up and tested in all of Svendborg and in other cities in Denmark.

The future demands cooperation across sectors
The test city has been created in a close collaboration between three partners; the municipality of Svendborg, the private company Public Intelligence and the Region of Southern Denmark represented by OUH – Odense University Hospital and Svendborg Hospital. For all of them, the citizens’ needs are central. Setting off towards new super hospitals and healthcare of the future, the collaboration between the healthcare sector, the municipality and the companies is necessary for the citizen to
get a good and coherent experience.

Test city is the first step
It is not just Svendborg that has to secure the quality of future healthcare. This project is also relevant in the rest of Denmark as well as internationally. Thus, eHealth City Svendborg can boost a bigger transformation of the healthcare sector in all of Denmark and maybe also in other countries. Already now, there is an interest in creating similar test cities in Great Britain, Norway and in Spain.

Contact info
If you want to know more about eHealth City Svendborg, please contact:
Stinne Skydt
Senior Project Manager
Public Intelligence
Phone: +45 3074 7332